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Earlier this week, ASPIRE-PGC facilitated the first webinar as apart of our CAREER DAYS initiative!

ASPIRE CAREER DAYS is meant to provide an ongoing

forum for young people to learn about different careers and connect what they are learning day to day with the real world. We believe that talking with professionals from various fields and disciplines will also help scholars think about and explore the possibilities for their own futures.

Our first session was an invite-only, small and intimate affair. Our esteem guests, Graphic/Fashion Designer and Multimedia Specialist, Bryant Senghor and Chief Musician with the Navy Band Cruisers, David Smith!

It was an insightful and illuminating conversation for all our attendees, many of whom provide invaluable feedback and constructive criticism. This will assist ASPIRE-PGC in evaluating what does and doesn't work. For instance, one adjustment we are strongly considering is greater emphasis on high school aged attendees (and less on K-8, perhaps) as about half of the audience this past Wednesday were high school students, which was largely unexpected.

Be sure to check back for updates in the near future.

Thank you for your interest and support!


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